Executive Officers

Luke Armitage



Alexandra Faye Thomas (She/They)

Steering Officer

Hi, I'm Alexandra, a Mathematics Student, and your Steering Officer. I'll be the one sending the weekly emails, taking minutes of meetings, and managing this website. As we were only founded this year, I'll be building a large proportion of our infrastructure from scratch, using my experience gained from being the Steering Officer of the LGBT+ Association. This includes this website, our mailing list, the exec and non-exec email accounts, and various other things, so I'm keen to hear any suggestions you may have.

I'm also the person in charge of interpreting and updating our constitution, and as one of the founders of the Trans Campaign, I wrote a large proportion of our current constitution. Our current constitution is heavily based off the LGBT+ Association Constitution, but as an autonomous organisation, we are free to make any changes we wish. If you wish to know more about this, or have any other questions, please feel free contact me.

Position Vacant

Welfare Officer

J Smith

Campaigns Officer (Acting)